Shalo Lee

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Lead Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar

Shalo Lee is a singer/songwriter from River Falls, WI.   Upon being taught by her 12 year old sister to sing at the age of 18 months, she began building her life as an artist. After auditioning and getting her first paying job for the legendary Jim Owen at the Micky Gilley Theatre in Branson MO, she went on to front countless regional bands, win numerous vocal competitions, and perform throughout the country and beyond.   Her most recent live bands include co-fronting Mick Sterling and the Irresistibles, her Americana project, Shalo Lee and Northern Southern, and of course her most recent ensemble, The Shalo Lee Band.  In February 2014 she released her debut original album, "Hometown Girl" which is already garnering critical praise. Shalo lives a happy, grateful, and modest life in Northeast Minneapolis.  

Larry Revier

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Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals

 Larry's playing has been influenced by a diverse musical spectrum since first being introduced to the guitar by his brother - from country to rock to blues. Originally from Mankato, he's played professionally with numerous successful regional bands including: The MLC Band, Heartbreak Pass, The Hand Picked Band, The Tourists, Plum Lazy and Trelys. Larry's passion for playing, singing and performing live is obvious from the moment he steps on stage.

Aaron Clarksean

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Aaron Clarksean accompanies the beautiful and superbly talented Shalo lee by hitting wooden canisters and metal discs with wooden sticks. All in a semi-organized fashion
Protecting the groove, the Minnesota native Aaron Clarksean has a very dynamic, diverse, expressive and high energy approach to his playing. Aaron toured extensively with numerous bands and solo artists while living in Nashville for 5 years. Since returning to Minnesota in 2005 he has not stopped. He has also appeared on countless albums working as a studio musician.

Max Kirkeide

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Max picked up the bass after hearing Cliff Burton play.  He started playing in metal and grunge bands, his high school jazz band, then some various alternative, indie, and prog rock bands, a fusion group of some kind, bluegrass, red dirt, black metal, and now country. He keeps searching for the Good Notes in his home in Northeast Minneapolis and teaching the next generation of guitarists and bassists from his studio in Andover.

Bettina Villamil

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Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals

Consistantly on the move in the Minneapolis music scene, you might catch Bettina playing her original music or jumping on stage with a local or national act with styles ranging anywhere from bluegrass to rock.  Bettina has been wowing the crowds with The Shalo Lee Band since it's beginnings, adding lush vocals and her amazing fiddle to their signature sound.

Joshua Stigen

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Lead Vocals, Guitar

Joshua has been honored to play with some fantastic and diverse musicians. Recently, he has stepped out of his comfortable folk setting into this ruckus band and has been thrilled to be the newest member of the Shalo Lee Band. Born in Saint Paul and pretty much staying there, he has had the chance to work with the likes of Cate Fierro, Mick Sterling, Nate Sabin, Brian Bates and a host of others.